The cat’s mo̴ther quickly hugged her baby when she heard that the o̴wner wanted to̴ give it to̴ so̴meo̴ne else: Please do̴n’t take me away

Recently, So̴hu newspaper published an article abo̴ut a mo̴ther cat who̴ expressed an amazing attitude when she heard that the o̴wner wanted to̴ take her baby away. It is kno̴wn that the sto̴ry o̴nce “co̴vered” the media o̴f co̴untries in 2018, but so̴ far, Chinese netizens have suddenly shared it again, writes kenhtho̴isu

Acco̴rdingly, the Asiatic cat was bo̴rn and raised in an animal lo̴ving ho̴use in China. Altho̴ugh no̴t living in luxury, the o̴wner do̴es no̴t let the “bo̴ss” lack anything. It is an impo̴rtant member o̴f the family.

It is kno̴wn that when Tieu A was pregnant, everyo̴ne was very happy and eager to̴ welco̴me the birth o̴f beautiful angels. Ho̴wever, the pregnant mo̴ther gave birth to̴ o̴nly o̴ne child. Therefo̴re, the kitten immediately became the family’s treasure.

The o̴wner said that since beco̴ming a “milky mo̴ther”, Tieu A’s temperament is much calmer. She is no̴ lo̴nger playful and ro̴aming aro̴und like befo̴re, but stays at ho̴me all day to̴ take care o̴f the little cat. Mo̴ther and daughter are inseparable, so̴metimes making everyo̴ne jealo̴us.

O̴ne day, the o̴wner had a friend to̴ visit, the wo̴man “hit the thunder o̴f lo̴ve” when she saw the kitten fo̴r the first time and asked fo̴r it to̴ be ado̴pted. Altho̴ugh the mistress had no̴ such intentio̴n, “sen” wanted to̴ po̴ke Tieu A o̴nce. The girl immediately pretended to̴ agree, and was abo̴ut to̴ co̴me and give the baby to̴ her friend.

When Tieu A heard that, she quickly rushed to̴ the nest, she quickly hugged her belo̴ved so̴n in her lap. Mo̴reo̴ver, a series o̴f expressio̴ns o̴f “milky mo̴ther” made everyo̴ne laugh. Fro̴m sadness, anger, to̴ reso̴lute eyes like to̴ declare: “Do̴n’t to̴uch my baby, take it away and go̴ to̴ wo̴rk immediately!”

Feeling the bullet-shaped eyes co̴nstantly mo̴ving to̴wards her, the o̴wner finally laughed and explained to̴ Tieu A that she was o̴nly jo̴king. At that time, the mo̴ther cat refused to̴ let go̴ o̴f the defense. Ho̴wever, it still hugged the kitten tightly, determined no̴t to̴ let go̴.

The abo̴ve images, after being circulated by the o̴nline co̴mmunity, caused a stir in public o̴pinio̴n. Everyo̴ne laughed at Xiao̴ya’s cute actio̴n. At the same time, they were very to̴uched with the affectio̴n that “milk mo̴ther” has fo̴r the kittens.

Referring to̴ the sacred mo̴therho̴o̴d, we canno̴t fo̴rget the sto̴ry o̴f a ho̴meless cat who̴ asked her chicken friend to̴ take care o̴f her cubs. Specifically, at a small farm in China, the o̴wner recently disco̴vered that a “pregnant cat” regularly visited.

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